Build with us! Grow with us!

We’re a team of dedicated software engineers, data scientists, user experience designers, and business minds, We use machine learning to change the way business interact with and learn from their data.

We’re looking to expand our team!


You’d fit in at Liquid Analytics if:

  1. You have a Computer Science degree or equivalent

  2. You are self-motivated and do not require day-to-day supervision

  3. You have solid English presentation and technical writing skills, and are eligible to work and travel in the USA and Canada to meet with customers to understand their domain


Software Engineer

Yes, you can be straight out of school! You love math and problem solving and see programming as a way to express your craft.  You have no fear of statistics. You love producing working, delightful software on time.

  1. You are a self-taught software programmer who loves to produce working software in C++ and Javascript/HTML5

  2. You have a GitHub account that showcases your personal work

  3. You have experience deploying your apps with Linux and various cloud APIs


Data Scientist

  1. You have an advanced Science degree (Ph.D.) that enable you to solve machine learning problems

  2. You can select, build and optimize Machine Learning algorithms and models

  3. You are a Google TensorFlow expert

  4. You are a Python expert and know all related AI libraries and tools associated with Python

  5. You know how to create the right algorithms across the entire Machine Learning solution

User Experience Specialist

  1. You have a degree in Industrial Engineering or User Experience or equivalent

  2. You have solid storytelling, presentation, and drawing skills  

  3. You have expertise using Adobe Creative Suite, 3D design tools and  various UX mockup tools

  4. You understand HTML5 web design with a strong understanding of HTML and CSS3

  5. You are familiar with Google Material Design principles and Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines


Senior Software Engineer

Same as Software Engineer, and:

  1. 5+ years of experience building Machine Learning Solutions

  2. You have proven math experience specifically statistics and linear algebra

  3. You have proven experience building AI solutions in the TensorFlow environment

  4. You are a master at Python and know 3 programming languages


Data Wrangler

Same as Software Engineer

  1. 5+ years of experience using Python, Data Mining, ETL and Business Intelligence across various business domains

  2. You use APIs and other interface methods to extract, load and transform customer data

  3. You have proven expertise mining, extracting, cleaning, transforming, visualizing and exchanging data in various formats using various tools

  4. You know how to extract features from customer data using the principles of Feature Engineering

  5. You have a strong working knowledge of statistics and have used statistical math libraries to visualize, extract and define features in your data


We’re recruiting in the following cities in the US and Canada:

  • Atlanta,Georgia

  • Jacksonville, Florida

  • Miami, Florida

  • Reston, Virginia

  • Toronto, Ontario


To Apply:

Please send your cover letter, resumé and a sample of your code to: Matthew Canaran at Be sure to include the title of the job you’re applying to.

Liquid Analytics offers competitive salaries, great benefits, and more. We are also an equal opportunity employer.

We look forward to your application.


At the Interview:

  1. Present your personal software project

  2. Solve Data Structures and Algorithms problems  

  3. Solve math problems involving probability, Linear regression, and other basic statistical problems

  4. Show us your testing skills that delivering working software on time

  5. Sketching to test visual communication skills