Business Insights and Intelligence Powered by AI’s Anticipatory User Experience: Predict, Recommend, Manage



  • For Retail, Sales, Supply Chain, IoT, Merchandising.
  • A client in the Media and Advertising industry wanted to improve the profitability of their media buys.


  • Our client, like most companies, was using less than 3% of their internal data to drive decisions.
  • Analysts were making decisions of which advertising spots should be purchased based on historical fulfillments, not on untapped opportunities.
  • Analysts were filling requests based on convenience, not based on optimal profits across multiple customers.


  • Trained AI algorithms using supervised learning against hundreds of thousands of historical media buys and opportunity fulfillments.
  • Detected unfulfilled opportunities and recommended media buys to better optimize spend and profitability.
  • Automated workflows and review processes using AI to reduce human intervention and reviews.
  • Used machine learning to read and classify unstructured data in order to automate data input.


Intangible Benefits

  • Enabled analysts to focus on higher level decision.
  • Demonstrated AI in a select pilot group that quickly communicated the benefits and opportunities to the larger organization.

Tangible Benefits

  • Reduce response times for opportunities.
  • Reduce headcount of teams by increasing efficiency.
  • Increase profitability of media buys by matching the ad slot to the optimal opportunity.
  • Improve media buying strategies by providing insights in to unfulfilled opportunities.