Use AI to reinvent your eCommerce with our Visual Recommendation Engine



  • For Retail and eCommerce.

  • A B2B client wanted to increase brand awareness with end customers by providing a B2C sales channel.


  • Decrease sales cycles in order to reduce the cost of sales.

  • Improve brand awareness with end customers.

  • Drive top line revenue growth.

  • Boost online customer engagement and brand loyalty.


  • Implement augmented reality (AR) to visualize a customer’s room and place our client’s products within that room (couches, tables, lamps, etc.).

  • Utilize deep learning neural networks to automatically classify the surfaces in a room (floor, countertops, walls, etc.).

  • Create deep learning networks that use consumer social media profiles, games, application usage, and geolocation to provide a list of recommended products.

  • Combine supervised learning with unsupervised learning to train AI algorithms to classify room scenes.


Intangible Benefits

  • Reduce buying paralysis by recommending a select group of products.

  • Disrupt and differentiate from competitors by offering visualization technologies that create stickiness with consumers.

  • Improve sales experience for consumers within retail stores.

  • Increase brand awareness among consumers.

Tangible Benefits

  • Increase new leads for eCommerce and online channels.

  • Increase conversion of leads to orders.

  • Reduce costs related with sales.

  • Cut product returns.