Liquid Sales® for Distribution and Retail

Does AI drive your sales force?



  • For Sales and Distribution businesses.
  • Clients working in the Wine & Spirits distribution industry needed a robust and cutting edge order placement application for sales transactions between retailers, distributors and suppliers.


  • Our clients needed a complete platform that would help drive revenue, decrease returns, improve goal accomplishments, and gather market data for their sales teams.
  • Clients required seamless integration to existing ERP and other back-end systems in order to provide real time order and payment confirmation.  


  • Liquid Analytics provides a robust platform that integrates orders, goals, product and account info, inventory, insights and media for increased usability.
  • Create several PredictiveLists, leveraging machine learning algorithms, that recommend products to sales reps based on an account’s geolocation, demographic, sales trend, and inventory space.
  • Real-time integration enables immediate order, inventory and payment confirmation.
  • Applicable to Retail stores who can utilize Liquid Sales to communicate and manage the entire ordering process remotely between their sales rep and distributor.


Intangible Benefits

  • Deploying Machine Learning and Deep Learning to discover key insights that increase sales and drive more profit.
  • Allows company and sales reps to spend more time selling and on market execution rather than configuring IT and sales operations.
  • Reduces friction and distribution workflow, provides a direct line of communication to suppliers, retailers, and distributors.
  • Cut transportation costs and other expenses with option for retailers to place orders through Liquid Sales without their sales rep onsite.

Tangible Benefits

  • Increase revenue and profit by equipping your sales teams with a complete suite of AI driven solutions.
  • Decrease returns by leveraging AI driven recommendations.
  • Improve out of stock and inventory turnover.