Liquid Analytics’ Collaborative Services

Create a Tailored AI Solution for Your Business


Interested in delivering successful AI projects? Consider becoming an Empower AI member. Members gain access to knowledge, practices and tools needed to get you started on your AI Project.

Membership starts with a one-day intensive workshop where you will learn:

  • How to gain sponsorship from the business and align technology teams.

  • How to get started in  the AI Ecosystem including data preparedness.

  • How Design Thinking can help build your first AI MVP.

  • Which AI use cases and solutions in action are most impactful to your organization.

  • And more!

After the workshop, you will have access too:

  • Curated educational content in the Empower AI portal.

  • AI Selection advice to identify and select high potential MVPs

  • Private consultation with AI experts.

  • Access to Velocity AI: specialized teams to build your MVPs.

AI Selection

Need help selecting and prioritizing your AI use cases based on desirability, viability and feasibility?
Liquid’s AI Selection helps you plan your AI MVP (Minimum Viable Product) roadmap.

  • One-Week, on-site with your team, with follow-up to finalize your roadmap.

  • Prioritize your AI use cases based on a set of proven AI specific Design Thinking criteria.

You will learn:

  • How to assess and clean data.

  • How to staff your projects with the right skills internally and/or externally.

  • Which AI use cases and solutions in action are most successful in context of your domain, data and decisions.

  • Selecting and finalizing an enterprise AI project.

Velocity AI

Velocity_AI Basics.png

A three-month program resulting in an AI-enabled MVP. Tailor one of our out-of-the-box AI industry solutions or create your own AI solution.

Business advantage:

  • Design thinking applied to your business challenge.

  • An MVP addressing your specific use cases identified using design thinking.

  • The ability to quickly iterate and expand on the MVP to address additional criteria.


AI Ops


Our managed service to keep your AI solution living and evolving. Allow us to observe, engage and act so we can provide you continuous insights.

Business advantage:

  • Worry-free service with a scalable 99.9% uptime.

  • Continual refinement and training for your AI solution.

  • An AI team that is kept current and focused on your business.

Innovation Hub

AIInnovationLab_Liquid Decisions copy.png

Are you a professional services organization or an enterprise looking to have your own AI center of excellence?

Jumpstart your AI team today. Innovation hub brings Empower AI, Selection AI, Velocity AI and AI Ops together. Your business will benefit from Liquid Analytics' technology, methodology, and processes to maintain your own AI Innovation Hub.

Business advantage:

  • An AI ready team that works together to focus on your business value and not just shiny new AI.

  • A suite of light-AI prototypes built on user stories and data from your customers and business units.

  • Ownership over your AI team. AI will define your business in the future. It is your data, so it should be your AI.

  • Have a maintenance plan that keeps your AI innovation lab current, relevant and focused on your business.

Interested in learning more about how Liquid can jumpstart your AI strategy?

Business Impact of Leveraging AI with Liquid Analytics

  • Stop creating 'toy AI projects', and learn how to use AI to disrupt your industry.

  • Focus AI on your business and not on the technology.

  • Know the risks and compliance issues for AI.

  • Maintain and develop an AI data policy which will help you realize AI faster and help your algorithms to learn and stay current.

  • Reduce or eliminate business and technical bias in your algorithms.

  • Drive ROI, stakeholder value, and consumer value to ensure your engagement initiatives produce profitable results.

  • Benefit from rapid MVPs and guided R&D efforts to deliver startup innovation in an established enterprise.

  • Learn best practices adopted by other leading Fortune 1000 companies.


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