Leverage AI to meet your goals.

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  • For Sales Team and Corporate Management.

  • Clients in the Wine & Spirits distribution industry required a goal management system so that they could ensure they were successfully meeting supplier and corporate goals.


  • Our clients struggled with manually distributing macro goals down to individual goals for each sales rep.

  • The clients’ suppliers were setting goals that were difficult to achieve. They required a simulation algorithm to calculate goal confidence.

  • The clients stressed the need for better coaching and training of the sales team with activities that emulate the top performing sales people.

  • They required a single, integrated solution for their sales teams that would not require extensive training.


  • Liquid Analytics’ Perform ingests macro goals and utilizes AI to distribute specific sub goals throughout the organizational hierarchy.

  • We utilize both supervised and unsupervised learning to provide managers confidence that goals will be achieved.

  • Analyze millions of data points including account sales history, competitive sales, expected performance of accounts, inventory space, and projected revenue to recommend achievable goals.

  • Recommend actions and activities that drive goal achievement (Brand displays, tasting and sampling products).

  • Provide leaderboards for performance and recommends activities based on the top performers.


With multidimensional and departmental goal integration, Perform motivates and allows your company and partners to meet and manage goals. Perform measures sales productivity with more intelligence and consistently grows your profits generated from revenue and product based goals.

Intangible Benefits

  • Provide reporting and insights to guide sales teams.

  • Learn how top sales reps succeed and recommend the right actions to the rest of the sales team.

  • Increase successful behavior by creating achievable stretch goals driven off real world data.

Tangible Benefits

  • Increase sales by correctly goaling and incentivizing sales reps.

  • Receive real time recommendations for how to market and place new products.

  • Reduce human bias when goaling and evaluating sales teams.