Insightful, meet inspiring. 

Our predictive mobile apps give you actionable answers, not just data.

Liquid Analytics marries the power of predictive insights with the usability of mobility to help people on the go collaborate and act on the decisions in their life. This results in increased efficiency and a reduction in lost opportunity.  Customers realize a return on investment in less than 90 days with Liquid Analytics applications and platforms. 

Build Your Custom App in 8 Weeks Using our Liquid Platform

Our apps are simple, continuous, predictive so you can collaborate and act on the go. 

In today's world of mashups and legacy applications, enterprises have too many interfaces and disparate applications for their user base to manage. This means that work either takes too long to get done, work is missed or work is incorrectly completed. All of this loss of efficiency results in increased costs and lost revenue opportunities. 

Liquid Analytics InsightPop application and the full collection of our Liquid Apps pared with our Liquid Platform quickly helps companies to leverage the power of big data and predictive analytics with the ease-of-use of next-generation mobile devices.   We look across all your disparate business applications and predictively figure out what work needs to get done and what information you need to stay connected.  We route work to the right persona on their device. Our apps are designed for the smart watch, smart phone, tablet and other wearable devices. We augment our insights with an integrated, robust enterprise collaboration and social environment to help people get work done while on the go.  

What people are saying about us:

“At each of these events, we have been encountering amazing new use cases for HANA. In Palo Alto, we met with Liquid Analytics whose Liquid Decisions product offers a whole new approach to enterprise BI delivered on a mobile device.”
— Vishal Sikka CTO SAP 2012 (Currently CEO Infosys)
“Coolest App”
— SAP Sapphire Orlando
Most Innovative Mobile App
— SAP Startup Forum
Wholesale Industry App Challenge Winner
Top 20 Most Promising Data Analytics Company
— CIO Review
SAP HANA Startup Forum Showcased Company

InsightPop Application

"Experience your APIs: Predictively Mashup and Act on your Insights" 

The InsightPop application is a simple easy to use application for any enterprise that wants to focus their employees on getting work done versus finding out what work needs to get done, navigating to that work and then eventually completing that work.

This means managers who just want to approve a workflow or make a decision can do so without having to worry about all the logins and training associated with the myriad of business workflow applications. 

  • InsightPop is simple and easy to use. You download the application from the most common AppStores and Market Places for your device, including the iWatch.

  • With our open InsightPop APIs you can mashup any of your business services into Liquid Platform

  • With OAuth2 you get seamless authentication from the InsightPop application to any of your business applications that support OAuth. 

  • As part of this API you define the Actions that are performed, which means right from your iWatch or mobile device you can get work done quickly. 

  • Our UX and predictive algorithms ensure that you get the insights in a timely and actionable manner.

  • People love making decisions when they can quickly collaborate with peers and experts. InsightPop comes with the ability to quickly collaborate with our Discussion server on your InsightPops. 

Liquid Apps

"Decisions that flow" 

Our suite of award-winning apps customized for your enterprise gives you actionable insights into your big data. When you need more than an insight, our integrated collaborative technology allows you to socialize your decision with the right person or team so your work gets done.  

Our predictive line of business specific mobile apps:

  • Journey™ for human resources expatriate employee insights 

  • LifePulse™ for human resources insights

  • LifeConnect™ for long-term care patient insights

  • Liquid Decisions® for packaged goods selling. Liquid Decisions allows you to quickly verify and place orders across the most robust enterprise order processing service 

  • Empower for solution and project-based selling

  • Fieldwork™ for field service maintenance, repair, and operations insights

  • Boardroom™ for rapid executive information, decisioning and actioning 

Liquid Platform

Discover the easy way to generate predictive insights across a mashup of disparate enterprise data sources and cloud-based solutions.  

  • Data and web services mashup

  • Authorization across applications via OAuth2

  • Logging and audit for security

  • Online and offline access control

  • Highly scalable transaction support

  • Easy to use configuration and monitoring tools

  • Built in predictive analytics algorithms

Build your next insightful and inspiring business services with the Liquid Platform.  

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