Liquid Analytics Selected as a “Top 20 Most Promising Data Analytics Company”


Order Management

Quickly place orders using our PredictiveList™ feature. No searching or scrolling.

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Goal Manager

Systematize business processes so that Sales Reps can do what they do best — sell.

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Sales Enablement

Wow your customers with rich videos, brochures and personalized presentations.

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Get answers not data. Meet your goals, focus on problem areas, be proactive.

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Liquid Analytics wins wholesale industry solutions App Challenge

Wholesale Distribution

Consumer packaged goods solution for the food and beverage industry.

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Manufacturing Distribution

Solution selling for the home furnishing and building materials industry.

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Capacity Planning

Just-in-time predictive metrics for the manufacturing industry.

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Mobile Solutions

General industry mobile big data solutions in the cloud.

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Liquid Decisions is showcased at SAP HANA Startup Forum


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