AI flows through our DNA

  • We start with design thinking to understand your business and your goals. We develop your AI strategy with you.
  • We build you an AI-based minimum viable product
  • With our AI Operations service we relentlessly and continuously manage, optimize and evolve your AI solution.

Liquid Analytics is here to help your business demystify and leverage AI. Learn more here. 

Benefits of AI

Create new opportunities for revenue generation by intelligently mining your data. 

Predict preferences and behavior to provide personalized and targeted experiences for your customers.

Boost the value of human capital with the unparalleled combination of human and machine, people will work better, smarter and more creatively.

Increase profitability by maximizing revenue opportunities and reducing cost.

Save time and money by automating tedious tasks and routine processes better served by machines rather than humans. 

Make better decisions faster with outputs from cognitive technologies and insights from your company’s data. Reduce risk.

Enhance operational efficiency and throughput. Increase productivity, avoid mistakes and 'human error' with properly set up 'smart' systems.

Our Building Blocks for Success


Design Thinking

The Design Thinking approach has been tailored to optimize the AI learning process. We use Design Thinking to understand your business needs, financial goals, and technical capabilities.

With our, “AI is the new UI” approach, our goal is to help you "discover information and work in one step" without all the clutter associated with traditional hierarchical experiences.


Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

We identify and build out the use cases that have the greatest value and the highest possibility of success, ensuring quick adoption.

We help you visualize your AI goals and strategy so that you have a real solution from which to build out.


Innovation Lab

IT is not ready for AI, we know how to help you acquire, develop and keep your AI talent. We build your innovation lab including helping you find and train the right people.


AI Operations (AIOps)

You have to focus on growing your business using the insights we provide to you. AI needs to continuously evolve, requires constant learning and optimization while remaining available and fast.

We have adapted our DevOps process to create AIOps – a living and evolving AI solution.

Now you can stay focused on growing your business and disrupting your industry with safe, fast and fun insights generated from an AI Solution managed by Liquid Analytics.

Liquid Analytics Brings AI to Life

We've helped Fortune 1000 companies seize the opportunities of AI. Your data is your most valuable currency. Change the way you and your company think about managing people, creating products, creating experiences, generating revenue and reducing costs.





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