Can you talk to your data?

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  • For Distribution, Supply Chain, Retail and Sales.

  • Companies use voice and natural language to interact with their data to discover answers and analytics in real-time.


  • Employees are required to use multiple applications to complete their work. Each application has its own user interface and workflow. Many applications do not seamlessly integrate.

  • Application interfaces are presented as a step-by-step process to retrieve information, but humans do not think or request information in the exact same steps.

  • Completing a single workflow such as submitting expenses, requires connecting to multiple systems.


  • Discover information, insights and reports through voice-to-text and natural language processing (NLP) technologies by simply speaking to Engage.

  • Provide an application that translates natural language to key actions and verbs which invoke methods in back end systems.

  • Optimize data models, integrations and key actions based on specific business domains.

  • Use machine learning to continually increase Engage’s domain vocabulary.

  • Leverage deep learning to better predict the next action that will be requested by the user.


Intangible Benefits

  • Increase employee knowledge by enabling employees to retrieve information, insights, and answers in real-time across various enterprise applications - cutting work from 10 steps to 1 step.

  • Demonstrate the benefits of AI technology across the entire company to create a culture of innovation.

  • Create more productive meetings by enabling real time reports, metrics, and analytics.

Tangible Benefits

  • Reduce costs and operational delays associated with cumbersome applications and low adoption.

  • Reduce resources required for business analytics and reporting related tools.