Liquid Analytics’ products augment the economic value of business portfolios with intelligent decisions by optimizing the profitability, speed and accuracy of business flows.

Realize economic value with every solution

Liquid Decisions ‘Confidence’ Process

Optimization Process

  • Define actions to adjust portfolio from current profile to target profile 

  • Define the Factor Universe 

  • Define your portfolios

  • Determine Factorization profile of each portfolio

  • Define target profile

  • Model evolution every 4 months

Areas of Impact

  • Alpha 

  • Profit 

  • Environmental and Sustainability efforts

  • Social Responsibility 

  • Governance 

  • Trust   

Engage Application

Talk to your Data, Play with your Data

Deliver Insights from Liquid Decisions to Portfolio Managers, Sales Reps, and Consumers

  • Omni-channel mobile application

  • Voice-activation 

  • Talk to your data lake & architecture

  • Reduce time vs. building custom applications

  • Operations and efficiency platforms for user navigation, informations querying and information management

  • Provides an interactive conversational experience linked to the Liquid Decisions platform

  • Next generation chat interface with built-in natural language understanding

Design Thinking and Discovery for AI

AI Design Thinking Workshop

  • 1 Week of Ideation 


  • 4 week Discovery


  • Business Case to identify the idea / decision

  • Model and User Experience Design 

  • Guidance selecting and prioritizing your AI use cases based on desirability, viability and feasibility

  • Prioritize your AI use cases based on a set of proven AI specific Design Thinking criteria

  • Recommendation as to which AI use cases and solutions in action are most successful in context of your domain, data and decisions

Liquid Decisions

A robust platform that integrates orders, goals, product and account info, inventory, insights and media for unified usability across your organization. Harnessing the most relevant and cutting edge technologies to help your business thrive.  

Our platform offers a complete suite of cloud services that allows distributors, across industries, to address market disruptions head on. The first platform powered by Artificial Intelligence to provide the business with data-driven sales insights and predictive recommendations to provide your consumers with the best buying experience. 

Ensure market share growth by employing the most relevant new technology in a complete platform.

  • Retailers benefit by stocking and selling tailored products for their customer base.

  • Suppliers benefit by having their incentives achieved faster.

  • Distributors benefit by spending more time on market execution versus IT configuration.

Everybody benefits with insights that reduce friction in the distribution workflow.

Machine Learning Algorithms 

  • Understand local consumer preferences and buying patterns to provide products that consumers want.

  • Intelligently distribute supplier goals all the way down to the store and consumer level.

Open APIs

  • With a full range of open and testable APIs, connections to more channels and backend systems are expedited. Ordering, goals, product information, inventory, and media enable seamless exchange of information between supplier, distributor, and retailer. Products move faster, consumer adoption rates increase and buying cycles are accelerated.

Internet of Things

  • Track products in real-time and manage placement interactions in one centralized environment.

Seamless Integration

  • Our open platform integrates with virtually every application and into any system, allowing you to send and receive information from your entire data architecture in real-time.

Empower AI

Escape from IT Jail

Create an instant AI Data Engineering Team

Build your own Innovation Hub

Training and mentorship for your on-site Data Engineering team

  • Sell and configure the Liquid Decisions platform

  • Data Engineer Ingestion and Data Pipeline Training 

  • Event Stream Processing 

  • RPA: Robot Process Automation 

  • Data Lakes 

  • Cloud-Native Infrastructures: AWS, Google, Azure 

Business advantage

  • An AI ready team that works together to focus on business value and not just shiny new AI

  • Ownership over your AI team. AI will define your business in the future. It is your data, so it should be your AI.

  • Have a maintenance plan that keeps your AI innovation lab current, relevant and focused on your business.

Interested in learning more about how Liquid can increase the alpha for you?

Business Impact of leveraging AI for increased profits with Liquid Analytics

  • Generate alpha for investments and increase profitability by a penny in a business process

  • Spend time taking action and making better decisions, not sifting through disparate data sources for information that may be out of date and irrelevant

  • More smart decisions, made faster directly correlates to increased profits

  • Team satisfaction improvements linked to reducing the number of steps in the business process

  • Focus AI on your business and not on the technology

  • Monetize you data in four months, it’s yours and will never be commingled or shared

  • Focus on making vertical business solution decisions and not horizontal technology stack decisions

  • Drive ROI, stakeholder value, and consumer value to ensure your engagement initiatives produce profitable results.

  • With our cloud-native secure service you do not have to focus on building plumbing and skills to build, maintain, and evolve your AI solutions. 

  • Benefit from rapid MVPs and guided R&D efforts to deliver startup innovation in an established enterprise

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